Random Lake Garden Club

Random Lake Garden Club

To stimulate interest in gardening and development of home ground. To promote civic beautification and to aid in the protection of forests, wildflowers, and birds.


President – Carol Sells
Vice-President – Ruth Morgan
Secretary – Jean Sepstead
Treasurer – Annette Spieker
Sunshine Lady – Pat Green

Garden of the Month
Barrel Contest
Beautification Award
Planting and watering of flowers at the Post Office, Memorial Triangle and Nowack House

Meetings held on the 3rd Monday of each month, place and time varies. There is no meeting in January. For current information please call Carol Sells at 410-487-3012.

Members include:

Ann Edmonds
Annette Spieker
Audrey Mueller
Barbara Siebenaler
Candy Witt
Chris Maurer
Carol Sells
Geri Church
Janet Nett
Jean Sepstead
Jill Anklam
Joanne VanDyck
Kay Krier
Laurie Drzadinski
Lynn Palmer
Mary Stroik
Meredith Langen
Pat Balsom
Patty Blumer
Pat Green
Ruth Morgan

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