Lakeshore Productions

Lakeshore Productions, Inc.

The community of Random Lake, Wisconsin, has its summer traditions like little league baseball, swimming and boating, family vacations, and the fire department picnic. Since 1996 it also has the tradition of summer theatre, taking the Random Lake High School stage during the first week of August.

What is now Lakeshore Productions, Inc., was begun by three college freshmen who shared a love of theatre and a desire to create stage opportunities for people of all ages. This opportunity could not be available without the continued support of the School District of Random Lake and many generous volunteers and supporters.

With casts nearing the hundred mark each year, and scores of people helping behind the scenes, Lakeshore Productions, Inc., has introduced hundreds to the magic of experiencing live theatre – and the opportunity to perform.

Lakeshore Productions, Inc. Board of Directors

President – Robert Eichner: 262-692-9905
Vice-President – Maureen Schommer: 262-692-2575
Secretary – Sheila Jentsch: 920-254-3915
Treasurer – Gary Feider: 920-994-9244
Member – Atty. Ed Ritger: 920-994-4313
Member – Bob Deyo: 262-355-5710
Member – Jan Rogne: 262-692-2730
Member – Melissa Singer: 920-207-0530
Member – Joe Horstmeier: 920-627-2358
Member – Dori Ross: 920-447-4121
Member – Sarah Lawrenz: 920-838-2465
Member – Alexia Horstmeier: 920-627-2357

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