The Greater Random Lake – Adell United Fund

The Greater Random Lake / Adell United Fund
PO Box 91
Random Lake, WI 53075

The Greater Random Lake / Adell United Fund was incorporated in 1978 as a Wisconsin non-profit corporation canvassing the entire area of the Random Lake school district. It is an independent local agency soliciting funds to support local and Sheboygan County agencies that benefit our community.

The 2021 campaign has approved requests from 23 different agencies all of whom provide services to residents of the Random Lake/Adell area.

The fund is supported by unpaid volunteers. No dues are paid to any organizations and the only expenses are the printing costs to create our brochures and the costs for postage.

Individuals interested in supporting the organization or making a contribution should contact Jim Thiel, 920-994-9267,; John Hawley, 920-207-2804,; or Mary Stehling, 920-994-4714,


President – John Hawley
Vice President – Frank Peterson
Secretary – Mary Stehling
Treasurer – Scott Risch

Board of Directors:

Kenneth Borchardt
Gary Feider
Jim Eberhardt
Donald Pfeiffer
Hope Lewitzke
Beverly Doegnitz
Jim Thiel
John Hawley
Milda Zuengler
Scott Risch


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